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Waterfalls: Kakabika Falls

CLT is fortunate to have an excellent waterfall on the home stretch to the cabin. The bridge near Kakabika Falls on the Cisco Branch marks the end of a long journey home. With several spectacular drops and large rock formations, Kakabika Falls presents the Cisco Branch at its finest as it runs toward the Ontonagan before finally rushing to Lake Superior.

To see the falls, walk down the well-groomed path to the falls through towering old white pines, hemlocks and cedars. There, Kakabika Falls, a series of multiple drops and chutes, roars through. Overhangs and views from cliffs provide multiple vistas of the falls.

Location: 4 miles sorth of CLT on Thayer Road
(46.20 24N 89.127.22W )

Height: 10 feet

Water Source: The Cisco Branch