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Trees of CLT: White Pine

Size: 80'-110'; diameter 2'-3' (6')

Latin (Scientific) Name: Pinus strobus

Description: A tall upland tree with relatively few large limbs in a horizontal whorls. Needles 2"-4" long, slender, flexible and occurring 5 to a bundle and with remnanats of deciduous sheaths only about 1/32nd long. Cones slender, tapering, thornless, long-stalked, 3"-6" long. Seed 1/4", wing 1/2" x 3/16". Bark not scaly, as in many other pines, but dark with deep furrows. A dwarf matted form occurs in windswept northern areas. The only native five-needle pine in the eastern U.S. and Canada.

One of the most important and tallest timber trees in the Northeast. So extensively lumbered that few virgin trees, which once grew to heights of 200'-220', remain. In some areas, reforestation is considerable. Wood light, soft, straight-grained, and generally not as resinous as in other pines; of great value in woodworking. Plagued by white pine bluster rust, a fungus attacking the inner bark, and white pine weevil, an insect that kills the topmost shoot, deforming the tree and limiting its value. The rust can be controlled by removal of currant and gooseberry shrubs--upon which the fungus spends a portion of its life cycle--from within a quarter mile of the pines.

Range: Southern Wisconsin into northwoods and mid-Canada; east from Appalachians to eastern Canada.

At CLT: White pine stands are on the comeback at CLT. Seedling plantings in 2006 and 2007 resulted in more than 100 new white pines throughout the south side of CLT. In addition, white pines are again thriving on the north side of the property with noticeable growth in a number of trees since 2003. In early 2009, mappers plan on siting all of the mature white pines on the 40.

  Descriptions courtesy of Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Trees

This white pine was transplanted in 2005, shortly before the cabin construction began. It now lives a healthy life to the immediate west of the cabin.

This white pine seedling, planted in 2005, has begun to establish itself near the ridge to the east of the cabin.